DOE/EPRI National Database Repository of Power System Events

DOE/EPRI National Disturbance Library Event 3436

Event Properties

Event ID 3436
Event Name Site0006 - 10/22/2005 03:17:31.1770
Event Type  
Cause Vehicle
Failed Equipment Code Fuse Cabinet
Isolation Equipment Code Sectionalizer
Weather Unknown
Details Motor Vehicle, Fuse UG, Damaged

Event Files

Portable Network Grapics Image File 3436.png
JPEG Image File 3436.jpg
Windows Bitmap File 3436.bmp
Windows Metafile 3436.wmf
Enhanced Metafile 3436.emf
Comma Separated Variable File 3436.csv
IEEE Std 1159.3 PQDIF File 3436.pqd
IEEE Std 37.111 COMTRADE Files 3436.cfg | 3436.dat
Circuit Model Site0006_F_0000041.txt

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